Greenbrier County Health Alliance


The Greenbrier County Health Alliance is on a mission is to “help Greenbrier County residents help themselves”.  We believe that Greenbrier County is a special place and that by working together, the Alliance can increase opportunities in Greenbrier County to build a culture of health for everyone. 

Our first task is to develop a shared compelling vision that inspires and motivates others.  A core planning group is engaged in a community assessment process to help identify county strengths and weaknesses, issues and opportunities.  From this we will move forward to develop goals and actions to promote health and wellness for individuals across Greenbrier County. 

Alliance partner organizations will benefit from aligning through a collaborative structure that creates inclusion and accountability.  By fostering genuine community partnerships willing to collaborate, and being committed to using measureable data to evaluate interventions, we will see if a cross sector engagement of organizations, services and people can bring about community wide change.

The Greenbrier County Health Alliance will strive for inclusion of all communities across the county and not let geographic boundaries limit us.  We want to make healthier choices easier for everyone.

For more inforamtion about the Greenbrier County Health Alliance, please contact Sally Hurst at or by calling 304-793-6554.